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The Construction Project of Oyo Port Passes Preliminary Acceptance

Resource:Congo Office    Date:2017-08-02 21:48:21    

From July 28 to 29, the construction project of Oyo port was under the preliminary acceptance performed by the Preliminary Acceptance Team composed by the Ministry of Large Industrial and Territorial Management of the Republic of Congo, the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation and Sea Transport, National General Supervision Administration, Bureau of Brazzaville Port and Secondary Ports, the Municipal Government of Hoyo, and SCET TUNISIE Supervision Company. The Preliminary Acceptance Team carefully inspected the station areas, buildings, service roads, water, electricity and firefighting systems, as well as the port facilities, and reached a consensus that the Project passed the final acceptance with high quality.

Oyo Port is the first port project undertaken by CRBC in Congo-Brazzaville, and involves such construction fields as steel sheet piling wharf, buildings, roads, as well as water, electricity and firefighting systems, with stringent requirements on construction quality. During the construction, the Project Department has constructed in strict accordance with the regulations, strictly controlled the construction quality and enhanced the construction safety management to ensure the smooth implementation of the Project.

Aerial View of the Project Building Area

The construction project of Oyo port is composed of passenger terminal, loading terminal, storage yard, harbor roads, houses, pipeline network, electric power works, etc., and covers a land area of about 90,900 m3. The freight terminal and passenger terminal measure 200m and 190m respectively, and the port area mainly includes employee houses, administrative building, warehouse, other auxiliary houses and 2.6km of port roads.

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