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Runway Renovation and Expansion Project of Ouesso Airport in Congo-Brazzaville Passes Final Acceptance

Resource:Congo Office    Date:2017-08-01 20:22:04    

On July 27, the Runway Renovation and Expansion Project of Ouesso Airport underwent the final acceptance by the Final Acceptance Panel composed of members from the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation and Sea Transport, National General Supervision Administration, National Civil Aviation Authority, the Municipal Government of Quesso and STUDI Supervision Company under the organization of the Ministry of Large Industrial and Territorial Management of the Republic of Congo. The Final Acceptance Panel carefully checked the runways, aprons, supporting service channels and the relevant auxiliary facilities, and reached consensus that the Project passes the final acceptance with high quality.

Runway Renovation and Expansion Project of Ouesso Airport is the first project of its kind undertaken by CRBC in Congo-Brazzaville. During implementation, CRBC has overcome a lot of difficulties such as long rainy season, short duration and safe construction management without interruption to flight, and successfully completed the Project as scheduled with superior quality. The successful acceptance of the Project presents the powerful strength of CRBC in construction of runways, laying a good foundation for CRBC to undertake more runway construction projects in Congo-Brazzaville in the future.

Located in Quesso City, Sanmatenga Province in tropical rainforest in northern Congo-Brazzaville, the airport is roughly a rectangle with the total length of 3,920m and the average width of 815m. The Project mainly involves the construction of runways, taxi tracks, aprons, surrounding service roads, as well as the relevant waterproof and drainage works.

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