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CRBC Is Awarded with the First Prize for Excellent Achievements of Research on Political and Ideological Work and Party Building 2015-2016

Resource:Working Dept. of Party Committee    Date:2017-07-04 16:25:18    

To further encourage and mobilize the initiative and creativity of various organizations in Party building and research on political and ideological work, CCCC recently commended excellent organizations in research on political and ideological work and Party building in 2015-2016. The Analysis on Establishment of Adaptive Grass-root Party Organization of Extra Large Overseas Project of Central Enterprises– Taking the Establishment of Grass-root Party Organization of Mombasa-Nairobi SGR Project as An Example” written by Mombasa-Nairobi SGR Project General Manager Department of CRBC was awarded with the first prize.

The awarding of the first prize is a full recognition of CRBC’s efforts in Party building. In recent years, CRBC deeply and proactively implements General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series keynote speeches, enhances the consciousness in four aspects of politics, overall situation, core and alignment, and effectively promotes all types of work via Party building. CRBC has established and perfected the Party work system and “three-important and one large” collective policy-making systems, fully played the core function of the Party organization, effectively performed its responsibilities in Party control and governance; comprehensively enhanced the Party building and clean government building to provide effective guarantee for the healthy development in accordance with the central government’s requirement of “strengthening the self-discipline of the Party”; always places the importance of Party building to the grass-root to focus on the grass-root, enhance the foundation, take protection measures and increase the vitality to continuously improve the quality of grass-root Party building and create a powerful Party organization. CRBC has obtained comprehensive development in Party building, and continuously improved its operation work, laying a solid political foundation for the stable reform and development of CRBC.

In future work, CRBC will further improve and enhance the ideological work in Party building, give full play to the model function of Party members and protection function of Party organization, and transfer the Party building into the impetus for solving all kinds of challenges and creating values. Meanwhile, CRBC will further promote the integration of research results and management practice, promote the promotion, transformation and application of excellent research achievements, and continuously improve the scientific level of its Party building.

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