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Vice President Wang Lijun Meets with The Minister of State of Madagascar

Resource:Marketing Dept    Date:2017-05-17 19:10:37    

On the afternoon of May 15, CRBC Vice President Wang Lijun met with the delegation led by his Excellency Narson RAFIDIMANANA- Minister of State of the Ministry of President Projects, Territorial Renovation and Equipment of President Office, the Republic of Madagascar in CRBC who came to China to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. Both parties had an in-depth discussion on the businesses of CRBC in Madagascar and the future development prospects.

Scene of the Meeting

Vice President Wang Lijun noted that, currently, all CRBC’s projects under construction and tracked projects in Madagascar have gained significant support from the senior management of the Government of Madagascar, including his Excellency Narson RAFIDIMANANA. Three projects signed under the witness of China-Madagascar cooperation consensus reached between his Excellency Narson RAFIDIMANANA and Chinese Government during his visit to China this March are now smoothly progressed.

Minister Narson RAFIDIMANANA noted that CRBC undertakes road and bridge construction projects, and builds large quantities of infrastructures in Madagascar, assisting the people in Madagascar in gradually achieving the development visions yearn for years. Madagascar is located in an important position along the “Belt and Road” with an extremely important strategic location. His Excellency Narson RAFIDIMANANA hoped to continue to strengthen the win-win cooperation between China and Madagascar with the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation as an opportunity, and also hoped CRBC can further keep close cooperation with the Government of Madagascar to deepen and expand the mutual cooperation.

After the meeting, both parties signed the Agreement of Intent for Comprehensive Construction Project of Infrastructures in Port of Diego Suarez.

Scene of Contract Signing

CRBC President Assistant and General Manager of the Marketing Department Ye Chengyin was also present.

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