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CRBC Wins “Advanced Leading Group of CCCC Leading Group Construction Year”

Resource:Party Work Department    Date:2017-04-16 13:49:29    

Recently, CCCC has issued the Decision on Commending Excellent Subject Research Achievement Unit of Leading Group Construction Year, and CRBC won the title of “Advanced Leading Group of CCCC Leading Group Construction Year”.

The title of “Advanced Leading Group of CCCC Leading Group Construction Year” is the full affirmation of CRBC’s leading group and cadre team construction. In recent years, CRBC has carefully implemented President Xi Jinping’s 20-word requirements for the leaders of State-owned enterprises – “being loyal to the Party, being bold in making innovations, having the right way to manage the enterprises, being promising to revitalizing the enterprises, being honest and upright”; by carrying out the “Activity of Leading Group Construction Year”, it has built the leading group to be a learning organization with theoretical arm as the guidance, enhanced the leading group’s level of executing the scientific development of with style construction as the basis, enhanced the leading group’s level of making decisions about scientific development with institutional improvement as the guarantee, and strictly enforced the laws and disciplines and stopped the unhealthy practices with honesty and self-discipline as the key point. Through a series of corrective measures, CRBC has built its leading group to be a powerful group which lays stress on politics, overall situation, responsibility, devotion, solid work, efficiency, honesty and self-discipline, formed a sound, groundbreaking, united and harmonious atmosphere, and greatly promoted the reform, development and stability of the Company.

In the future work, CRBC will make persistent efforts to greatly strengthen the ideological and political construction, organizational and work style construction, quality and ability construction and honesty and self-discipline construction, accelerate the construction of a comprehensive, hard and high-quality cadre team, make contributions to successfully promoting the pilot reform of State-owned capital investment company, building “a colorful CRBC” under the guidance of “CCCC with Five Main Fields” strategy and realizing the goal of first building CCCC to be world-class enterprise, and try to make greater progress in the research and practice of leading group and cadre team construction.

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